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Alan Crookham is a missionary, revivalist, conference speaker, husband, father, and above all, a friend of Jesus. 


He has seen firsthand the radical miracles and moves of God. In this special e-course, Alan shares the Threads of Revival throughout history and throughout the nations. When you walk away from this course, you will be fully equipped to walk in the Power and Presence of God as a World-Changer!


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Threads of Revival

12 Week Course


Do you want to be a Revival Carrier?

Every revival and move of God in history has been unique. No two are exactly alike; therefore, there is no formula. However, within every move there are certain elements, principles, or threads that are common to all moves of God. By learning these threads, you can apply them to your life and line yourself up to walk in the same power those in the past walked in.


Included in this E-Course: 

- 12+ Hours of in-depth video.

- 2,000 years of church and revival history.

- Biographies of revivalists such as:

Smith Wigglesworth, William Booth, John Welch, Evan Roberts, Charles Wesley, Gregory the Wonder-Worker, William Seymour, Miguel Molinos, and more!

- Application Videos 

- Q&A Videos

- Downloadable PDF Slide Notes


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